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Local Government

Local governments are tasked with a variety of technical and legal issues throughout the course of their operations. At the law firm of MHC, our local government attorneys represent local government entities throughout the state of North Carolina. We provide general attorney advice to local governments, as well as special attorney advice for specific projects and legal issues that local entities face.

Our Local Government Practice Areas

Our lawyers are confident in our ability to effectively assist local government entities facing a variety of projects, tasks, and general operations. To be sure, our local government practice areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Land use, zoning, and development. Municipalities have retained our services over the years for counsel regarding a wide range of land use, zoning, and development matters. Specifically, we can assist with reviewing master plans, environmental regulations, land division ordinances, subdivision regulations, zoning disputes, condominium and apartment development, state and federal laws related to land use and development, and more.
  • Nuisance and other local government ordinances. We represent local governments in their development and enforcement of a variety of local government ordinances, ranging from nuisance laws to parking laws to loitering and more. We can also provide attorney advice for any government ordinance disputes involving the public.
  • Public utilities and telecommunications. Public utility law and telecommunications matters can be incredibly complex, and should always be managed with the advice of an experienced attorney. We routinely handle local public utilities and communication issues, including renewable power and energy purchase agreements, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) matters, network information laws, and more.
  • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation. Taking private property for public purposes is often a highly contested and hotly contested undertaking. Our lawyers can initiate eminent domain actions for various construction projects, including roads, bridges, and public buildings. We advise local governments regarding all regulations and compliance issues associated with eminent domain and condemnation actions.
  • Employment disputes. Local governments rely on numerous employees in order to function optimally. Unfortunately, employment disputes are common. We represent local governments in regard to all employment matters, including discrimination, harassment, employee coverage, reasonable accommodation, and more. We can also provide representation and attorney advice regarding employee training and management issues, too.
  • Negligence claims. Local government entities may face negligence claims related to personal injuries of citizens and other torts. Having skilled legal representation when facing a negligence claim is essential.
  • Contracts. Local entities typically maintain a number of contractual agreements with a variety of companies and organizations, including construction companies, manufacturing companies and suppliers, and more. We can provide representation regarding bids and contract formation and negotiation, as well as contract enforcement, breach of contract issues, and more.
  • More. In addition to the above, we also represent local government entities in regard to local government budgeting, taxation, litigation, liquor licensing, building code violations, open records and meetings laws, anti-corruption laws, municipal court issues, social media usage and issues, and more.

Choose Our Local Government Lawyers Today

The various legal issues that local governments face on a daily basis are complex and multi-faceted. At the law office of MHC, our experienced local government lawyers in North Carolina provide unique knowledge and perspective when representing local government entities. Our primary focus is to mitigate any disputes or issues before they occur; however, we are prepared to represent local government in civil cases as well. Having the right lawyer to offer general attorney advice and representation for special projects is critical for maximal efficiency and effectiveness. We understand the regulations that are relevant to you and your project, as well as any state or federal laws that may be relevant, too.

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