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Health Care/Mental Health North Carolina

Healthcare services, including home care, mental health care, and long-term care services, are of critical importance for those living in North and South Carolina. At the law firm of MHC, we have years of experience providing legal services and representation to our clients in the healthcare industry. Whether your healthcare organization requires attorney adviclegal services for clients in the healthcare industrye or is looking for legal representation for a specific project or legal issue, our lawyers can help.
Who We Serve
At the law firm of MHC, our healthcare lawyers provide extensive legal services to a wide range of healthcare-involved clients, including physician practices, home healthcare providers, home care agencies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, mental health facilities and practices, and managed care organizations. Please reach out to our law firm directly today to learn more about our services and whether or not our law firm can assist you.
Our Practice Areas
We provide a myriad of legal services for our healthcare industry partners. These services include:

  • Corporate governance and compliance. Governance at healthcare facilities is under close and critical observation, and compliance with federal laws, state laws, regulations, and mandates is critical. These regulations pertain to a number of different governance issues, including the fiduciary obligations of board members. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in corporate governance and compliance issues, and can assist your healthcare facility in reaching and maintaining compliance.
  • Employment and labor. Healthcare facilities are bound to many of the same rules related to employment and labor, including both state and federal regulations regarding discrimination, hours and wages, leave, workers’ compensation, and more. Our lawyers are skilled employment attorneys with training and experience that is specific to healthcare facilities and organizations/businesses like yours.
  • Fraud and abuse compliance. There are federal fraud and abuse laws in place that apply to physicians and certain healthcare providers and facilities. For example, the False Claims Act prohibits physicians from submitting claims for payment to Medicaid or Medicare that are fraudulent, and the Anti-Kickback Statute makes paying for referrals a crime for those in federal healthcare programs. Our law firm will guide you through any and all fraud and abuse compliance laws that apply to your industry and ensure that you are in compliance.
  • Privacy, Security, and HIPAA. Patients have a right to privacy. To be sure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations require confidential handling of all patient health information, as well as mandates industry-wide standards for electronic billing and other healthcare-related processes. A breach of HIPAA or other privacy and security regulations could have major consequences for your healthcare practice or facility.
  • Investigations and litigation. If your healthcare practice/facility is facing any sort of investigation, or if you have been named in litigation, our law firm can provide trusted, reputable attorney advice and defense. An investigation or litigation could be very costly – our lawyers will aggressively protect your best interests and advise you of all options and best steps to take moving forward.
  • Management and organization. When organizational-level policies, procedures, and management changes need to be made, having an attorney’s advice can be a critical piece of ensuring that changes are made legally, ethically, and effectively.
  • Real estate and construction. As healthcare facilities expand, real estate and construction changes may be part of growth. Our law firm features skilled real estate attorneys who are able to help your healthcare practice acquire or sell real estate to meet its needs. We can also represent you in any new construction ventures as well.

Learn More About Our Legal Services for Healthcare and Mental Healthcare Facilities & Practices in North Carolina and South Carolina

As the representative of a healthcare facility or as a healthcare practitioner, having legal advice that you can trust offer peace of mind and security. The healthcare industry is rife with rules and regulations; a violation of these could be costly. What’s more, it is very likely that at some point, you or your business will face some sort of civil action or dispute – when you do, you can take comfort in knowing that our skilled legal team from the office of MHC will be by your side.
To learn more about our legal services for clients in the healthcare industry, please call our law firm directly or get in touch with us by sending us a message at your convenience. We can provide general attorney advice, or assist you with a specific legal matter.

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