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Gastonia Liability and Insurance Defense Attorneys

Insurance is a critical part of how businesses, citizens, homeowners, and others are protected from liability and having to pay for damages out of pocket in the event that something happens. At the law office of MHC, our experienced insurance defense lawyers provide representation for both the insured and the insurance companies tasked with claim management. We are prepared to advise and defend a variety of claims, as well as advise on policy formation and coverage issues. Reach out to our law firm today to start protecting your insurance firm now.

Types of Insurance Defense Claims We Handle

Our law firm is well-versed in all insurance claim types, and we have experience representing both insurance companies and claimants, providing us with a unique perspective when offering insurance defense representation. Our law firm can provide insurance defense representation in regards to:

  • Workers’ compensation.Workers’ compensation claims are an incredibly common insurance claim type for employers and their insurers to be tasked with. We are knowledgeable in workers’ compensation laws in North Carolina and South Carolina, and can provide aggressive defense.
  • Homeowners’ insurance.Homeowners’ insurance is carried by the majority of homeowners in the states in which we work, and homeowners’ insurance claims may be filed for reasons ranging from weather-related damages to internal damage from pipes and other issues to premises liability claims and more. Be prepared with a qualified attorney on your side.
  • Automotive claims. Car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death and automotive claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims filed in the country as such. Our insurance defense lawyers can represent your insurance company in the investigation, management, and settlement of these claim types.
  • General liability claims.In addition to the above, we also provide insurance defense representation in regards to an array of general liability matters, including premises liability, slip and fall claims, and more.

How Our Insurance Defense Attorneys Can Serve Your Insurance Firm
We know that efficient and effective business practices involve minimizing costs wherever possible. We recognize that your business needs legal representation that understands its bottom line and fiscal goals. We will work hard to resolve all claims in a manner that is favorable to your insurance firm. Our insurance defense lawyers will provide the following services:

  • Examine the claim being made. We will always thoroughly examine any claims being made against your company in order to determine whether or not the issue at hand is one that is relevant to a policyholder’s insurance contract and coverage.
  • Investigate the case.  Once we have made a determination about whether or not a claim is relevant to a policy and therefore one with which your insurance company should proceed, we will perform a thorough investigation of the case.
  • Review policy.We’ll review a policy in full to ensure that any damage that is being claimed, as well as the cause of that damage, is relevant to the claimant’s policy.
  • Uncover cases of fraudulent claims/false claims. One of the most important services that our law firm performs is that of uncovering cases of false and fraudulent claims. These are especially common in workers’ compensation and homeowners’ liability claims; however, claims can be false, or grossly exaggerated, in a number of different claim types.
  • Negotiate claims.If an insurance company is responsible for paying out a claim based on policy language and other specifics, our lawyers will aggressively negotiate a settlement in order to ensure that the company isn’t responsible for more than it owes. Too often, poor negotiation skills result in an insurance company paying much more than it should, resulting in lost profits and setting an unfortunate precedent.
  • Provide in-court representation.Mitigating high costs is often best achieved by settling claims out of court; however, in the event that negotiations are unsuccessful, our trial lawyers will be prepared to represent you in court.

Call Our Insurance Defense Lawyers Today
Companies benefit with the representation of skilled attorneys who understand the ins and outs of insurance contracts, how to investigate claims, and who have fine-tuned their negotiation skills. At the law office of MHC, our law firm has received national recognition for its services, and our lawyers are prepared to advocate for your insurance firm’s best interests. To learn more about our insurance defense legal services, call us directly today or send us a message online.

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