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In North and South Carolina, the hospitality industry is thriving. From spas and hotels that offer comfort and accommodation for tourists to entertainment venues and restaurants that serve locals on a regular basis, the hospitality industry is a key part of a robust economy, as well as the comfort and enjoyment of millions of people.

While hospitality businesses range greatly in type, many face the same legal issues regarding compliance, financing, contract negotiation and enforcement, labor, liability, real estate, and transactional best practices. At the law firm of MHC, our experienced hospitality industry lawyers are here to provide your hospitality business with the representation it needs. Reach out to our law firm today to learn more about our general lawyers, as well as our services pertaining to specific projects and legal issues. We serve clients throughout North and South Carolina.

Who We Represent 

Our lawyers represent businesses of all types and sizes within the hospitality industry, including:

  • Food and beverage providers, including restaurants, bars, and cafes;
  • Recreation providers and facilities, including swimming pools, bowling alleys, etc.
  • Entertainment providers, including movie theatres, theatrical performance centers, and more;
  • Travel services, including transportation service companies;
  • Hotels and resorts;
  • Arts and culture facilities;
  • Tourism organization and entities; and
  • Sports and health facilities, including day spas.

Our Hospitality Industry Practices Areas

We are committed to helping your hospitality industry business navigate a wide range of complex legal issues in a manner that is cost-efficient and effective. We can offer your business attorney advice, or represent you in a specific project or legal matter. Our hospital industry practice areas include:

  • Real estate. Hospitality businesses cannot operate without physical real estate. We can help your business thrive when it comes to real estate matters, representing you in acquiring property, selling property, understanding land use agreements, leasing property, or developing property. We provide representation in all matters related to real estate, including zoning and construction disputes.
  • Liability. One of the primary elements that sets businesses in the hospitality industry apart from businesses in other industries is the fact that the business is based on the physical presence of the customer. As such, this opens up the doors for a number of accident and incident types that could lead to damages and hospitality business liability. Our law firm provides representation for hospitality industry businesses faced with negligent security claims, slip and fall and other premises liability claims, and an array of other general liability claims.
  • Transactional legal services. A business is the product of its transactions and operations. Our lawyers provide attorney advice and representation in regard to a number of transactional undertakings, including financing, franchising, technology transactions, intellectual property protections, vendor and supplier contracts, rewards and loyalty programs, and more.
  • Employment and labor. All businesses, regardless of the industry, must understand labor and employment laws should they choose to hire employees. Our lawyers can provide advice, guidance, and representation in regards to employee hiring, employee compensation and leave, federal and state employment laws, workers’ compensation, discrimination and harassment, employee classification, and more. We can also represent your hospitality industry business in any employment disputes that surface.
  • Litigation. One of the most important and critical services provided by our hospitality law firm is that of representation during litigation. You can count on our law firm to aggressively and competently represent you should any dispute in which you’re named devolve to litigation. In addition to litigation experience, we are also skilled negotiators, and can represent you pre-litigation in a mediation or arbitration. We know that your privacy, finances, and longevity are important, and always work hard to protect your best interests.

Call Our Hospitality Lawyers Today

A hospitality business simply cannot survive, let alone thrive, without the representation of a knowledgeable, educated, and committed lawyer. In order to provide your hospitality industry business with the protection it needs and the peace of mind that you deserve, reach out to our North and South Carolina hospitality lawyers at the law firm of MHC today for a consultation.

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