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Today, it would be nearly impossible to find anyone in the state who doesn’t rely on electricity, gas, and telecommunications services, including phone and internet. At the law firm of MHC, our lawyers have been serving public and private utilities clients for years, and are familiar with the numerous legal issues that utilities companies often run up against, ranging from compliance to personal injury liability to employment issues and more. For general attorney advice, or for advice pertaining to a specific legal issue, please reach out to our law firm today for the help you need and the attorneys you can trust.

Services for Utilities Companies Throughout North Carolina & South Carolina

Our law firm serves clients in Gaston County, Western and Central North Carolina, and Upstate South Carolina, including the areas of Shelby, Greensboro, Lincolnton, Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, Hickory, Winston-Salem, Asheville, Spartanburg, York, and Gaffney. Our legal services include:

  • Transaction representation. Any given company is involved in a number of different transactions on a regular basis, some of which are more legally intensive than others. Our law firm can represent your utilities company in a myriad of transactions, including sales of utility property, formation of utility service agreements, any acquisitions, and more.
  • Regulation compliance. Utilities regulation varies state-by-state. Our lawyers can help your company to understand any utility matters related to utility regulation for major industries, including telecommunications, natural gas, waste/water, transportation, and electricity.
  • Real Estate and Land Use Issues. Our law firm is skilled in dispute resolution, including litigation when required. Should disputes between your company and any other party arise, we can provide competent legal representation.
  • Employment issues. Utilities companies often employ dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of workers, giving rise to numerous employment issues, ranging from workers’ compensation claims to discrimination claims to wage and hour violations and more. Reach out to our law firm for utility employment law attorney you can count on.
  • Personal injury and liability. In the event of an accident or catastrophic event, a utility company may be named in a civil suit, such as a personal injury claim. When this is the case, ensuring that the company is protected by a legal team who is familiar in these case types and who is committed to resolving the case as quietly and quickly as possible is important. Our lawyers understand how sensitive these matters are, and are prepared to aggressively represent you.
  • Contract disputes. Finally, contract disputes are common in business and, over the course of operations, a utility company may be accused of breaching a contract, or may have a breach of contract claim against another party. Our lawyers can defend you if you are named in a suit, or pursue remedy if you believe that another party has violated a contract of which you are a part.

Call MHC Law Today

At the law firm of MHC, our lawyers recognise the great service that utilities companies provide, and want to help your company protect its best interests when it comes to navigating the legal landscape. To learn more about how we can help you, to speak to a lawyer about general attorney advice or to get legal advice related to a specific project or legal issue, please call our utilities lawyers directly today or send our law firm a message online at your convenience. All inquiries are confidential.

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